Superintendent News

Congratulations to the Otter Girls Hockey Team!  Their thrilling overtime victory over River Lakes in front of a packed arena in the section championship created great lifelong memories as did their double overtime clash with South St. Paul in the opening round of the state tournament at the Excel Energy Center.  Ultimately, they played for the Consolation Championship falling in a hard fought game to Mankato East.  They are wonderful ambassadors of our school and community and we are very proud of them.  It was a great season!

Our son, Connor, plays in the UND pep band so we try to make it up for a hockey game at the Ralph Engelstad Arena at least once per year.  Most recently, we caught a game on a Friday night featuring the Fighting Hawks against the St. Cloud State Huskies, which UND won in overtime.  Whether or not you follow hockey, “The Ralph” is an experience.  It is a world-class hockey arena and their fans are….rather passionate!  The atmosphere highlights deep traditions that emerged over the years as part of the program's storied history which dates back to the days of the old WCHA. These traditions form a common bond between UND students and alumni that spans generations. 

Traditions are very important to schools as well.  When I walk into a school I try to get a feeling for the place.  What is important to the school?  What does the community value?  What major events are depicted from its history?  Who are its legends?  

On Friday, March 3rd, a time-honored facility that has contributed to the legacy of Fergus Falls Public Schools will be on full display.  For the first time in over ten years, the old Roosevelt gym will host varsity basketball.  We now refer to the beloved gym as the Otter Fieldhouse.  

The facility oozes nostalgia and Fergus Falls history.  It stands as a testament to the stories and memories that are embedded in the wood and brick – the athletic contests; prom and grand march; graduation ceremonies; and, perhaps a story or two that are only known among the tightest of circles. 

The Otter Fieldhouse has experienced some much needed TLC over the past couple of years to include new lighting, new paint, new wall pads, a new floor and, most recently, new retractable bleachers.  The bleachers now give us the seating capacity to host a wider variety of events.  The renovation has been a partnership utilizing both school district funds and private donations. We are really proud of how the project has turned out so far.  

The Otter Fieldhouse is home to Otter Gymnastics and Otter Wrestling.  It is a fantastic venue for both as it offers great site lines and enables the spectators to feel part of the action. The March 3rd boys basketball game is against the Perham Yellow Jackets.  In contrast to the iconic design of the Otter Fieldhouse, Perham is home to one of the finest modern gyms north of the metro.   It is going to be an electric atmosphere.  We hope that you plan to attend.  A new chapter in the history of the Otter Fieldhouse has begun!