Seniors will need to turn in their school issued Chromebook, charger and sleeve by the end of the school day on May 27th.  Failure to return all items will result in those students not being able to participate in Senior activities like Valleyfair, or walking in the graduation ceremony the following week.  They will also incur a replacement fee of $35.00.

7th and 8th grade students will turn in their Chromebooks, chargers and sleeves in English class on Wednesday, June 1st.  Again, failure to bring all three items will result in a fee depending on what model chromebook they have.  Make sure your student has all these items with them in school on the 1st.

9th-11th grade students will be keeping their chromebook, charger and sleeve until they graduate and we collect them at that time.  If you do not want your 9th-12th grade student to have a chromebook over the summer, they may be turned in with the sleeve and charger no later than the end of school on the 3rd.  Chromebooks turned in without chargers will be assessed a $20.00 replacement charger fee.  We strongly encourage the students to retain their chromebook over the summer. If your student has the Chromebook Protection plan, that will continue through the summer and can be renewed in the fall.  

The Chromebook Protection Plan is dropping in price this coming fall to $15.00.  It covers all repairs and damage but does not cover lost or broken chargers.  More on that as we get closer to the start of school in the fall.

Contact Mr. Anderson, Mr. Hirst or Mr. Donoho if you have questions or concerns.