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The Fergus Falls Area Learning Center is a choice alternative education program. “Our mission is to foster a caring and respectful environment with a focus on real world learning.”

The Area Learning Center of Fergus Falls has a long history of providing educational options, and has been in existence since 1982. Students and their parents have a variety of program options to choose from when enrolling at the Area Learning Center of Fergus Falls. These program options include: Middle School ALC; High School Day Program; Independent Study; Credit Recovery; and Credit Recovery Summer School. All students must meet state criteria for participation in an alternative school. Students are eligible to participate through age 21.

Relationships and challenging curriculum are a key components of the programs the Area Learning Center. The ALC is committed to establishing and maintaining relationships with students, parents, and community supports, along with working to meet individual student needs. The ALC applies a variety of techniques to support students in earning their high school diploma.

  • Advisory: Students enrolled in the day program are a part of an advisory where students participate daily in discussion topics, team building/leadership activities, community building activities, and skill building activities.

  • Restorative Justice Circles

  • Structured day program with feedback to students on classroom behavior and credit earned toward graduation every class period of the school day.

  • Credit Recovery built within the school day.

  • Individualized curriculum pace.

  • MAAP Stars participant for 10 years at the high school level.

  • Community Service Projects: Toys for Tots; Pay it Forward

  • Work Experience and On the Job Training

The REACH program is a school within a school model, alternative education program for middle school students. The program is located within the Kennedy Secondary School.

Academic skills are emphasized in conjunction with workplace and community living skills needed to be successful in the community. Learner performance is monitored and encouraged through daily and weekly monitoring of individual progress. Academic, social, and communication skills are evaluated daily.

The Day Program is designed to meet the needs of students not successful in the traditional high school setting ages 14 to 21. Students attend a traditional length school day that is a combined class schedule of structured classes and independent study classes. In a structured class, a student works in a small classroom setting to meet the course objectives to earn high school credit. In an independent study class, the student works individually on a course facilitated by a certified instructor at their own pace to complete a course. Student progress toward graduation in the areas of attendance, behavior, and course credit earned is evaluated with each class period. The Day Program operates on the school district calendar and is in session from 8:25 – 3:20 daily.

The Independent Study program is designed to meet the needs of students that are unable to attend a traditional school day program. Students choose this option when they are already attending an educational program full time and still need additional credit to graduate, have passed their graduation year and only need a small amount of credit to graduate, are working full time, parenting, or have any other obstacles preventing them from attending the traditional school day but aspire to achieve. Digital curriculum is used to meet the varied student academic needs. A certified teacher works with students to facilitate learning.

To be considered a full time student, a minimum of 20 units of work must be completed at a passing grade level each week. Independent Study students have the freedom to choose which classes, and how many classes they will work on each day. Some coursework can even be done from home. This flexibility can help cut out some of the stress of trying to juggle keeping up with school along with other obstacles that may be in place.

If you are interested in enrolling in an alternative program please contact your high school counselor.

For more information please email or contact the Area Learning Center at 218-998-0544, ext. 9230, or email the Area Learning Center at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.